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Heartland Flax is now part of the Healthy Food Ingredients family.

HFI is a growing family of global specialty ingredient brands, which includes SK Food International, Hesco/Dakota Organic Products, Suntava, and Heartland Flax.

Hesco/Dakota Organic Products, a direct supplier of specialty ingredients sourced one degree of separation from the farm, is known for having a long history and expertise in cereal and ancient grains, including multi-grain blends. Our customers benefit from the combined resources, facilities and expertise of the HFI family, all focused on bringing safe, premium quality ingredients to the table.

Visit Healthy Food Ingredients to learn more about how we offer non-GMO, organic, certified transitional, gluten-free, and identity preserved pulses, soybeans, grains, seeds, flax, expeller oils, and our signature products Suntava Purple Corn® and AncientGrisps®.

Let’s cultivate goodness, together.