RCM Flax

Heartland’s RCM Flax® is truly a Real Cold Milled product and process. The flax enters the RCM process at room temperature, is milled at room temperature and exits at room temperature. Furthermore, our proprietary milling method does not grind, crush or liberate oil like other processes, making our product very unique.
RCM Flax® is sieved to our customer’s specification using Heartland’s Accu-Sift® technology.  This sifting process ensures not only uniform particle sizing, but also causes no damage to the milled product, which is important to maximize shelf life. RCM Flax® has a non-refrigerated shelf life of at least 24 months.

Heartland Flax works closely with North Dakota State University and the Northern Crops Institute.  NDSU’s Cereal and Grain Department testing of RCM® flax seed for peroxide values has consistently affirmed our shelf life claim of 2 years. A study performed at NDSU indicated that 22-month-old RCM® flax had a peroxide level of 0.28. The Cereal and Grain Specialists have stated that a peroxide value of 1.0 is considered very good and that a peroxide level of 0.28 on 22-month-old, non-refrigerated milled flax is exceptional.

Variations include:

Coarse Sliced

Coarse Milled available upon request.

14 Mesh

Our most popular milled product.

30 Mesh

20 Mesh available upon request.

Raw Material Compliance Information:

A. Ingredient Description: 99.9% pure or better milled flax seed.
B. Raw Flax Flavor.
C. This product is not irradiated.
D. This product contains no components from an animal source.
E. Products are produced under the jurisdiction of the FDA and are listed in
the CFR-Title 21 subchapter B as “Food for Human Consumption” and
are, therefore, classified as non-hazardous materials. As a result, these
products are exempt from the 29 CFR 1910.1200 OSHA Hazardous
Communication Standard; Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are not
F. This product is not grown from genetically altered plant material.

Storage and Shelf Life:
This product is stored at dry ambient temperatures between 0 degrees F and 95 degrees F. This product has a shelf life of 24 months in sealed container.
Peroxide Value <1.0 meq/kg

Product Characteristics:

  • Sensory: Color – Golden, tan or brown
  • Texture: Coarse to Fine powder. Custom mesh sizes available.
  • Odor: Nutty, flax odor; no off odors

Chemical Analysis

  Min % Max % Typical
Moisture 4 10 7
Protein 15 24 19
Fiber 14 30 28
Carbs 30 37 34
Fat 30 45 36
Omega-3 18 24 20
Omega-6 5 8 6
Omega-9 6 8.5 7

Nutritional Information (Per 100 grams)

Energy 492 kcal Protein 19.5gr
Total Fat 36gr Ash 3.50gr
Carbohydrate 34.25gr Fiber 27.9gr
Sugars 1.05gr


Minerals (Per 100 grams)

Calcium 198mg Potassium 725mg
Iron 8mg Phosphorous 662mg
Magnesium 362mg Sodium 280mg
Zinc 4.17mg Copper 1.04mg

Vitamins (Per 100 grams)

Vitamin C 1.3mg Thiamin .17mg
Riboflavin .16mg Niacin 1.4mg

*Nutritional averages as per Flax Council of Canada.